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There is a funny clicking sound from the back wheel and it seems like my gears are skipping around. What's going on?

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2015 01:40PM PST
If your shifting isn't smooth, there's a funny sound from the rear hub, or the bike slips between gears when you're riding: your bike isn't broken, it just needs a minor adjustment. 

You can do this  yourself in about five minutes. 

Here's the deal for a 3-speed (7-speed below): 

Follow our instructions via video on this link:

- Get your bike on the kickstand or leaned securely somewhere

- Put the bike in second gear. This is where it needs to be to make all adjustments

- Now.. look at your rear wheel and find a small box attached to the hub with a plastic window. This is the shifting mechanism. You'll see in the window there are two parallel yellow lines and a little yellow box. 

- We want the little box to be between these lines.

- OK - so on the same device, the shifting mechanism, find the adjustment screw. Move it back and forth-- you'll see the yellow box moving, too.

- So: 2nd gear, adjustment screw - - move the yellow box as precisely between the lines as you can. Then shift into third and back into second. Still between the lines? If not, make another minor adjustment. Then shift into first, repeat. 

BASTA! Your shifter should now function perfectly


Put your 7-speed Brilliant into 4th gear. This is kind of like "debug mode" or something like that. 

Look at your rear wheel. On the right side you'll see some gears and you should see two yellow marks. Right? 

When your shifter is calibrated ideally these yellow dots are lined up. If you're reading this, probably you'll discover they aren't. Nothing is wrong with your bike, these types of hubs just naturally drift with use. It's totally fine. 

So now, to make the adjustment: go to the shifter on your handlebars. See where the cable meets the part that you turn? There's a little ribbed nut- if you turn this you'll see one of the yellow marks start to move. 

Simply spin the nut until the marks are lined up. Shift a few times in either direction. Check to see the alignment is still good.

Below is a link to a helpful video that shows you exactly how to do this.

BASTA, you're done. 

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