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How do I adjust my bike for the optimal fit?

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2015 11:46AM PST
Congrats on getting a new Brilliant Bicycle! You have great taste :)

So you have your bike and your a bit confused as to how to set it up to fit you perfectly, below find a guide that will help your bike fit like a glove.

Adjusting the fit on your bike

There are 5 major adjustments to get your bike to fit you perfectly, the perfect setting is different for every person so this will require some trial and error. Make small adjustments before every ride until you find the perfect set up for yourself.
  • Saddle angle - The saddle(seat) can point up and down once you loosen the seat post topper. The best place to start is make sure the top of the saddle is parallel to the floor. If it is pointed upwards, the saddle can really cause some discomfort in your crotch. Start with the saddle parallel to the floor and make small adjustments up and down to see what angle you prefer. Most people don't deviate much from parallel to the ground
  • Saddle height - The saddle can also go up and down and get further or closer to the ground. Advanced riders tend to ride with the saddle higher. The optimal position of the saddle is to be placed high enough so that when you are pedaling your knee has a small angle at the bottom of the pedal stroke. When riding your bike your leg should never be fully extended, there should always be some bend in your knees. Folks new to biking or just returning to the sport tend to place the saddle lower and have more of a knee bend when pedaling as this tends to feel more comfortable. Place your saddle where you feel comfortable to start, we notice people will naturally start raising their saddle as they become more comfortable.
  • Handlebar height - There is no rule of thumb for handle bar height. You can move your handle bars up and down, just make sure that your quill is inserted past the minimum insertion line. The lower the handlebars the more aggressive your stance will be (more bend in your back), the higher the handlebars the more relaxed (less bend in your back) while you ride.
  • Handlebar angle - Your handle bars can rotate about the stem, meaning handlebars can point up or down. Similar to handlebar height this is a really subjective setting, trial and error will help you pick what is most comfortable for you
  • Saddle position - The most advanced adjustment is the saddle position. When you loosen your seat post topper, your seat can slide forward and backwards. Your saddle can get closer or further from the handlebars. Your saddle position affects at what angle your legs pedal. If you want to feel as if you are more on top of your pedals, you can slide the saddle forward. Again the best way to see what fits for you is trial and error.


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